Every business today is interested in one powerful modern tool to take revenue to the next level—online marketing. However, finding online marketing success is not as easy as shooting off an email or clicking a button. The persistent myth that there is one way of marketing online that comes with a 100% success rate does many businesses more harm than good. Instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket, you should take a walk around the marketing landscape and distribute your eggs in more than one hen house.

Why Are People Falling for This Myth? 

It’s easy to see why one path to instant online marketing success is appealing. After all, who wouldn’t love one simple way to transform visibility and sales? In reality, there are as many successful online marketing strategies as there are businesses. What works for one business and target audience won’t work for another, and marketing can be quite unpredictable. That means that successful marketing takes time and effort, not just one quick step.

Why Is One-Step Online Marketing Success a Myth? 

  • Every company has different marketing needs. As a business owner, you’re aware that the sales cycles for B2B and B2C companies are entirely different. In the same fashion, brands, industries, target audiences, competition, technologies and physical locations can all determine whether or not a strategy is winning.
  • Consumer behavior is ultimately unpredictable. While market research plays a significant role in all online marketing success, there is no foolproof marketing technique guaranteed to appeal to any type of customer. Even seemingly minor details like the font or font color used can affect whether or not consumers love it or loathe it.
  • Technology and trends are always shifting. Even if there was one cure-all solution to online marketing success 10 years ago, there is no way it would still work now. Because trends and technology are changing so fast, marketing strategies are also changing to keep up.
  • Experimentation is what really drives results. Instead of going all-in on one thing, the most successful businesses try many different things to see what works.

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