2018 is winding to a close, which means that our eyes are trained past the plate of holiday cookies and glass of eggnog onto the online marketing trends that will be all the rage in 2019. In the constantly-shifting digital marketing space, staying ahead of the curve is vital to our success and the success of all small businesses! What online marketing trends will take over 2019?

Bigger Topics 

As customers start to use voice search instead of typing questions into a search engine, the use of specific keywords is giving way to bigger-picture keywords and phrases. Last year, searchers were accustomed to typing out “Baltimore restaurant” when searching for a place to eat. Now, most people will speak to their closest digital assistant and ask a question, like “Where should I go for dinner in Baltimore?” Digital assistants like Siri, GoogleHome and Alexa will all use their algorithms to find the right answer to the question. As a result, there will be a shift in companies utilizing questions and new phrasing on websites and blogs to encourage a good search ranking.

The Rise of Chatbots 

Chatbots gained even more popularity in 2018, and they are expected to be nearly ubiquitous in 2019. 80% of business owners in a recent survey indicated that they are currently using or will be using a chatbot by 2020. For many businesses, setting up a chatbot can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a suite of customer service representatives and sales staff.

Snack-Size Advertising 

No, a snack-size ad can’t hold a candle to a snack-size Twix. However, they can get you a great bang for your marketing buck. This online marketing trend harnesses the power of short, snack-size videos that are less than 10 seconds long. A whopping 89% of viewers are engaged for the duration of ads 10 seconds or less on social media. Once a video reaches the 60-second mark, only 45% of viewers still stick around. For brands using video marketing on Facebook and Instagram to gain traction, snack-size is the new king size.


Online consumers are after one thing above all else—authenticity. Marketing carries a stigma in some consumer groups, as they look for the holes in every sales pitch. The proliferation of reviews and information online also makes some consumers skeptical. However, brands that have taken a more transparent approach have found great success. In some cases, addressing negative feedback head-on and opening up about uses that a product isn’t appropriate for can actually win customers.

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