When your to-do list is longer than the minutes in a day, and you’re struggling to be the best small business owner you can be, it might be time to call in some reinforcements. While hiring a new team member is out of the question for many businesses on a budget, outsourcing admin work to a skilled third party is a great idea. Why should you consider outsourcing your admin work to My Admin Co?

More Flexibility During Peak Times 

In almost every industry, there are busy seasons and slower seasons. Some small business owners need help when things are busy during the holiday season but immediately retract staffing the second that January rolls around. If you need flexibility and scalability, outsourcing your admin work is the best solution. With rates by the minute, you will always have access to the exact amount of administrative support that you need.

Lower Costs

Hiring staff members is more expensive than just the salary you’ll be paying. From office space to benefits, and from the cost of onboarding to the cost of interviewing dozens of candidates, it isn’t easy to find and fund what you need. Outsourcing administrative tasks is less expensive than paying an employee to hang around all day waiting for the phone to ring. Instead, you pay for what you need when you need it.

Keep Things Moving 

How many hours a week do you spend playing phone tag with clients, answering quick questions from customers and trying to schedule meetings? All of these tasks stop your work week from flowing seamlessly from one task to the next. After all, when you’re spending 2 hours trying to schedule the meeting before the meeting even begins, how productive can you be? Outsourcing admin tasks keeps things moving behind the scenes and helps your team move closer to the finish line with each customer.

Take Back Your Workday 

One 2016 study of 1,000 workers and business owners found that, on average, a small business owner spends over 4 hours checking work email a day. That adds up to over 1,000 hours of limited productivity and wasted time a year. By outsourcing your basic admin tasks, like taking messages from customers and scheduling meetings, you will be able to reclaim your workday.

Outsource Your Admin Work with My Admin Co 

My Admin Co understands how hard it is to juggle running a small business with playing receptionist. That’s why we offer convenient and affordable administrative services, including answering service. To learn more about our services and take administrative tasks off of your plate, visit us online or call us today at (410) 324-3934.