Did 2018 leave your 2019 marketing budget looking smaller than you expected? While marketing is often one of the first things on the chopping block, the exact opposite should happen. Without skilled marketing, you won’t be able to engage the customers you currently have and attract new ones. How can you increase your marketing results when your small business is facing budget cuts?

Think About Your Goals 

If your budget is feeling the heat this year, you should focus on a better way of using your current marketing channels instead of adding new things to the mix. With My Content Co, you can get cost-effective professionally-designed and written newsletters, blogs, websites and social media postings that take the pressure to post off of your plate. You’ll enjoy great content and regular touches with your consumers and be able to focus on what you’re best at doing—running your business.

See What Didn’t Work in the Past 

What marketing results have you experienced in the past? Did allowing an intern to post during the summer months work? Or, did it fire up your customer base only to leave them alone for the rest of the year, when nobody else had time to update things? There are many marketing principles that always lead to success, and consistency is one of them. The marketing results that you’re after will always occur partially as a result of consistency, and My Content Co is here to help.

Look for Double-Duty Strategies 

Instead of getting one thing back for your one purchase, why not invest in a strategy that gives you more for your money? What content pieces do you have that could be used to create new content? A single blog can provide engaging content for your social media pages, newsletter and website. How could your existing content be used elsewhere? Our content creators and social media experts are great at taking whatever you have to offer, updating it and making it look better than ever.

Get Great Marketing Results with My Content Co 

My Content Co knows how to create fast, engaging and effective digital content, just like you know how to grow your small business. We specialize in creating websites, blogs, social media posts and newsletters that are consistent with your brand.

Partner with us to see real growth from your content marketing. Visit us online or contact us today at 410-324-3934 to get started.