Influencer marketing is more popular than ever, and it isn’t just for fashion and beauty brands. Many of the companies having the greatest success with influencer marketing aren’t just relying on Insta-famous faces to get the word out. Instead, they’re looking around the table at their own employees and cultivating brand influencers from within.

Educate Your Employees 

In a start-up environment, it’s easy for employees to live and breathe brand elements and company culture. However, as your company grows, roles become more specialized and employees grow into separate departments, a natural disconnect from company mission occurs. Educate your employees about the history of your company and don’t let your company mission only live on your website’s about page. By teaching your employees the purpose of your brand and what you want to communicate to customers, you are equipping them to become brand influencers and advocates.

Provide Social Media Guidelines 

It’s easy to assume that everyone in your company understands “common sense” rules on posting to social media, but what you don’t clarify could hurt you. Define social media conduct standards and ask your employees to follow them when posting about your brand online. In the same vein, you should also offer your employees plenty of social media inspiration to encourage posts. Do you have a new job opening? Make a template post for employees to share with their LinkedIn network.

Work from the Top Influencers Down 

Your best brand influencers are the top employees at your company, so ask them to set the tone and example. After all, if you’re asking every new employee to showcase how great your brand is online, it’s only fair to have your management doing the same. Company culture should always be modeled at the top.

Create Great Culture 

For millennial employees, it is second nature to share about their job on social media. Creating a great culture that people can’t wait to talk about is a simple way to cultivate influencers without ever explicitly asking your workers to make a post. Whether it’s a company happy hour that everyone enjoys, cool swag or a positive and encouraging email from a co-worker, a positive, thriving culture will naturally spill out into your reputation online.

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