While the days of Mad Men are long gone, numerous old-school branding techniques are still just as effective now as they were when the Don Drapers of the 1960’s were marketing.

5 Old-School Branding Techniques That Are Still Effective

  1.  Business Cards
    Business cards are somewhat less common today, but they are still the fastest way to give your contact information and a reminder to a prospective client or colleague at a networking event. Business cards also serve as a visual representation of your brand, as they display your logo, contact information and a brief description of what you do. 
  1. Traditional Mail
    Snail mail today can feel like a big pile of bills or advertisements, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work as a branding technique for your business! Sending coupons, handwritten cards to recognize a birthday or anniversary or personalized letters can cement your business and branding in the mind of customers.  
  1. Guest Speaking
    Giving a public talk at an event for your industry or a local event is an awesome branding technique to get your company name out there. Look for events in your industry online or let your network know you are looking for places to share some information about what your company does. 
  1. Testimonials
    There are few free branding techniques that are as effective as testimonials. When prospective customers see glowing reviews from other professionals that have patronized your business or used your services, they are more likely to trust you. Always collect feedback and testimonials from your long-time customers and get in the habit of including them in all of your marketing materials, including brochures, booklets, social media posts and your website. 
  1. Sponsoring Community Events
    From sponsoring a table at a gala for a local non-profit to helping at the ribbon-cutting for a new municipal facility for your community, sponsoring community events gets your name out there and makes your business look good. Sponsorship also gives your company numerous PR opportunities that you can take advantage of for free!

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