While many things might factor into whether or not a customer remains dedicated to your brand or decides to try other companies, the relationship that you have cultivated is one of the biggest deciders. Face-to-face meetings and in-person events are great ways to create brand evangelists, but the internet provides businesses with new ways to develop online fans who are also loyal customers.

Encourage Communication 

Social media makes it simple to see how your customers are responding to a product or marketing campaign. When a customer shares an experience on social media, you should always thank them for their business. Make an effort to advertise new products and initiatives on your social media as well. When you reach out to your online fans proactively with information, you can strengthen their desire to advocate for your brand and build stronger bonds with them.

Ask for Testimonials 

Your online fans are an endless source of testimonials if your fans are also your customers. Make a habit of regularly asking the followers of your email newsletter, blog or social media profiles for testimonials. The best testimonials won’t just make the person sharing them feel appreciated! Those testimonials will also gain the trust of new online fans and build your credibility online. If you receive negative feedback from any of your online fans, you should also take it seriously and make the situation right. Responding in a timely fashion on your profile could win you even more fans.

Celebrate Your Biggest Fans 

Do you already have some online fans who love to share your company with others through referrals or their own social media posts? Celebrate them! Anyone who takes the time to positively post about you or leave a good review deserves some recognition. Practice regularly recognizing your best customers with exclusive deals or discounts and don’t be afraid to send them complimentary items. Promotional items like hats, t-shirts, pens, USB drives and more are inexpensive ways to show your biggest online fans that you appreciate their support.

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