Do your email and newsletter subscribers become your customers? Are your messages getting engagement or just lingering in inboxes waiting to be opened? Emailing marketing is one of the best ways to get the most for your money, as it offers an ROI of approximately $32 for every $1 spent. At My Content Co, we specialize in email marketing. Here are some of the email marketing mistakes that we catch on a regular basis and help small businesses to avoid.

4 Email Marketing Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making

  1. The Wrong Subject Line
    The subject line is your chance to entice a subscriber to open an email and engage with your content. The best subject lines aren’t clickbait. Instead, they provide actual value and keep things short and sweet. Whenever possible, your subject line should be personalized and let the reader know exactly what they can expect by opening to email.
  2. Not Using the Preview Area
    Most email platforms allow email marketers a preview section where they can briefly state what the email is about or provide a teaser for the content. Think of the preview like the lead for a news story—readers can use it to decide whether or not the contents of the email are interesting to them as a result. Even if you cannot utilize a teaser in your email program, it’s a big email marketing mistake to not spend extra time on the first sentence of your message.
  3. Ignoring Replies
    Do you send your emails from an address that cannot be replied to? This is one of the most common email marketing mistakes! The whole goal of your marketing is to engage your audience, and replies are one type of engagement. Always give newsletter readers a way to get in touch with you, whether it’s replying directly to the email or a contact button within the message.
  4. Using Too Many Images
    Today’s smartphones and laptops can load images and gifs rapidly, but that doesn’t mean you should use too many. Tastefully placed graphics and charts offer value to the viewer, but an email that has a great deal of images inside will be slow to load and make recipients more annoyed than excited.

Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes with My Content Co

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