How often does your target audience hear from you online? Do you only grace their inboxes when you have a sale, or do you regularly reach out to educate and entertain? Do you post interesting and eye-popping content on your social media platforms multiple times a week, or just when you are trying to boost sales? Make it a habit to engage with your online audience daily with these simple tips from My Content Co.

  1. Check Your Notifications
    When customers comment on your posts or send you messages, are you doing a good job of engaging with them? One of the easiest ways to engage with your online audience without creating organic content is by replying to their posts. This is particularly important when someone posts a review. If you get a positive review, thank the customer as soon as possible. If you get a negative review, be sure to reach out to learn more about that customer’s experience.
  2. Use Visuals
    Content with images, photos or graphics gets the most engagement on social media platforms. Use existing blog, newsletter or website content to create informative and interesting graphics that are easily shareable. Many businesses are surprised to find how much excellent, shareable content is lurking on their current blog or website.
  3. Send Out Newsletters
    While newsletters should not be sent out on a daily basis, they should be utilized regularly as part of your tools to engage with your online audience. Newsletters can provide you with a platform for your blog content, relevant articles, a way to advertise sales and an opportunity to teach your audience about new products and services.
  4. Host Contests
    Simple giveaways are a great way to increase engagement online without needing to work too hard. A contest that runs for two weeks, for example, will give your business comments to respond to, follower-generated content to re-post and other simple posts that increase engagement without too much extra work.
  5. Get Some Help
    Do you want some help engaging with your online audience daily? My Content Co is here for you! We specialize in creating content designed for your target audience in the form of email newsletters, social media and blogs for affordable rates.

Engage with Your Online Audience with My Content Co

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