First thing’s first, what is a podcast? For those of you still learning, a podcast is a series of videos or audio recordings that online users can download or view in order to learn more about a specific topic. What makes podcasts so valuable, is that if they’re good enough – or informational enough, online users can subscribe to them, and will be aware of your new posts almost immediately upon posting. So for a small business, or any entrepreneurial-minded business people, a podcast has the potential to be a very helpful advertising tool.

While some are calling podcasts the “new radio,” they certainly are a lot easier to access than jumping in your car and waiting for the part you want to hear to start. The ease and convenience podcasts offer are unprecedented, and explain why they are picking up so much popularity. Maybe the best thing about them is that they’re free! They’re only a downloadable app away from helping your business advertise at virtually no cost.

Should Your Business Start a Podcast?

The short answer is yes. It’s free, efficient, and easy to do – so the real question is: why not? You can build familiarity with your target audience, show them that you’re up-to-date with today’s advertising trends, and instantly get your message out without the hassle of hiring someone to shoot a commercial for you. Not only will a podcast reach a wider audience of people, but a good one will build a relationship with them, as well. What better way to communicate with your audience than to speak directly to them? It takes conversing with them to a new, more personal level, that allows you to show your business’ values and how you present your business. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start implementing the growth of your small business!

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