As the CEO of a small or start-up business, it’s crucial that you build an image for your company that will allow it to keep growing. Public relations (PR) affects how people look at your business, how people will work for your business and can even drive up sales numbers. Getting to that point can be a real challenge if you plan to outsource. Doing something as simple as recording a video, however, can take your PR to the next level.

Free PR for any business owner:

Who knows more about your company than you, Mr. or Ms. CEO? Entrepreneurs often have incredible stories of how their business came to be, and people can relate to them. Making a personal video telling the story of your company is free, congenial, and rather easy to complete. Make sure to highlight your enthusiasm and knowledge of the company to show people how passionate you are! Building relationships with customers isn’t easy to do through text, but a video allows them to somewhat put themselves in your shoes – an unmatched way to build PR! Here are some things you can communicate to garner more positive interest in your company:

  1. Tell them who you are – your story and how you got to be in the position you’re in.
  2. Who you can help – why you started your business and who your audience is.
  3. What makes you different – why should other businesses come to you?

Your potential outreach will be greater if you repeat the method of creating and sharing videos across multiple outlets – such as social media, email, blog posts, etc. One technique for making this process flow better is to piggyback on trending news stories. Showing that your company is caught up with today’s ever-changing modern world demonstrates to consumers that you’re not falling behind the competition, and more importantly, that you stay on top of your game. Sharing your progress with your audience is vital, too, as they want to see you grow! Using humor and creativity in your posts will have your public relations at an all-time-high, as well. A good rule of thumb for PR: if it’s positive and relatable, it’s good for business!

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