Setting and achieving goals is tricky, which is why there are countless articles, seminars and books devoted to the topic. Instead of setting looming and abstract goals or creating too many benchmarks for yourself, it’s more important to focus on realistic sales goals that add up to something bigger.

Why Do Sales Goals Matter? 

Almost every company has sales goals, even if it lacks the tools or organization to achieve them. When a salesperson is properly set up for success, they will always know exactly where they are headed and have a routine in place to guide them to their destination.

How to Set Sales Goals 

A sales goal could take a variety of forms—meeting a quota of $50,000 for a quarter, closing a multi-year deal over $100,000 or something else. The most successful businesses have layers of goals set to keep all workers accountable and on the right track. Smaller benchmarks also encourage sales representatives as they reach milestones along the way. Most businesses with dedicated salespeople should have the following goals in place for each individual or team:

  • A monthly sales goal
  • Activity goals (closing X number of deals, setting up X number of demos, etc.)
  • Quarterly goals
  • Annual goals

The goals should be tailored to both the strengths and weaknesses of your department. If someone lacks development, attending a single professional development event a month could be a great place to start. Focusing on the elements that create great sales team members and not merely the final numbers is essential.

How to Achieve Your Goals 

  • Measure your sales on a regular basis. If you don’t know where you are, there’s no way to know how close you are to your destination.
  • Check on your sales pipeline daily. If it’s low, you know that you need to focus on getting new prospective customers into it. As a rule of thumb, you should keep 3 times your quota in your pipeline at all times.
  • Think critically about your closing rate. If it’s below 50%, you should consider looking for ways to improve it.
  • Practice regularly aligning yourself with connections that can lead you to new prospects. Whether it’s on LinkedIn or at in-person networking events, getting to know fellow business owners is always a great way to achieve sales goals.

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