Whether or not your social media posts are engaging can be the difference between building a loyal community of strong customer relationships and shouting from the rooftops with no one around to hear it.  Your audience doesn’t want to feel as you’re just trying to sell to them; you need to help them before they can help you.  That’s why we’re providing 4 tips we think are most important for creating social media posts that encourage engagement and speak to your audience.

1. Use Engaging Images

Social media posts that utilize the power of images have been proven to gain significantly more engagement than those with words alone.   When scrolling through their feeds, people will often pass over a block of text, regardless of what it says.  A visually alluring image can quickly grab their attention and spark interest in your post.

2. Discuss More Than Just Your Brand

In order to really speak to your audience, you need to offer them more than how your product or service can help them; you need to offer information that’s valuable on its own.  If your social media posts are all about you, people will quickly lose interest, but if your posts provide insight into the area your brand focuses on, people will trust you as someone who understands this area well.  Your brand will be in people’s minds when thinking about the area you specialize in and more people will turn to you for help in the future.  Also, sharing content created by others can show that you hope to give your audience what they need, whether it’s from you or someone else, which further builds interest, trust, and followers.

3. Actively Engage With Your Audience

Responding to people’s comments can be powerful in making members of your audience feel heard, important, considered, respected, and understood.  Asking questions or asking for feedback in your posts is a great way to open up a conversation with your audience, and answering questions helps people see your brand as responsive and attentive.  Chatting in groups that are relevant to your business is another great way to grow an engaged audience. 

4. Post Relevant Content Regularly

Consistently creating social media posts is key; the more posts you have that are relevant to your business, audience, and current trends, the more likely people will find and follow you.  Posting enough content that’s worth engaging with while also running a business can be challenging; partnering with a group of experienced content creators can save you considerable time while effectively growing an engaged audience.

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