Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or unmotivated while running your business? Perhaps some simple adjustments are all you need to fall back in love with the business you worked so tirelessly to create. Ask yourself these three questions to renew your love and commitment to your business.

Why did I Start this Business?

Do you remember what the early days felt like when you first started running your business? Now, things are probably more complicated. You are more educated about your responsibilities, and how to stay ahead. You are also likely a lot more familiar with the anxiety and stress of keeping your business up and running. Maybe things didn’t happen exactly how you thought they would, or are more difficult than you had originally anticipated.

  • Try to remember the days when you started this business. Work to internalize how you felt, along with the approaches you considered and the fresh collection of ideas that were fluttering around in your mind.
  • Channel that motivation and revisit those original approaches. Those thoughts, feelings, and ideas when considered alongside your new expertise may launch you into a plethora of inspiration to revitalize your business.

Who Will Do This if I do Not?

Consider the value you have to your customers and the community. Sure, there may be a nasty competitor down the block, but do not forget about your unique brand. They will not be able to get the job done as well as you are able to, with your company’s special flare.

If you do not feel you have the spark in your business any longer to confidently come up with an answer to this question, the next question may help you begin to create a new plan. In addition to being effective, this plan could strengthen your business model while reminding you of who you are and what this business means to you. Such a process will give your business purpose and individuality again. You and only you can provide customers with an expert experience.

How can I Generate New Ideas?

Open-mindedness is key to running a business. If you do not evolve with your clientele, you risk losing audience members and relevance. You also may find yourself playing a role, going through the motions of carrying out business as usual.

  • Let your business grow and develop. Engage with the business’s mission and work with diverse employees to give your business many facets that represent this mission.
  • Read articles and books about small business owners. Close reading and analysis can help you avoid their mistakes while also showing you how to take the temperature of your customers so as to adjust to what they want while still offering your unique brand.

Fall Back in Love with Your Business, and Let My Admin Co Sweat the Small Stuff

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