These days, potential customers can simply Google their latest dilemma and be presented with countless businesses who promise they’re the best at solving said dilemma. How does one stick out under these circumstances? Establishing your legitimacy online is a great way to help. How can you use content marketing to build trust with your audience?

5 Tips for Building Trust with Your Audience

Demonstrate Value!

You are an expert in your field. Don’t be afraid to show that. A great way to generate interest in your brand is to consciously educate the public with your blogs, newsletters and/or social media content. This way, when they are eventually in need of a service that you can provide, they already look to you as a subject matter expert.

Engage with Your Content

It’s always a great idea to respond to comments on your social media pages. This adds a human factor to your content marketing. Rather than appearing to be someone who is trying to make as many sales as possible, responding to comments from your followers gives you the appearance of someone who values the community you’ve helped to build.

Use Storytelling

Authenticity is key in content marketing. Take advantage of this by showing off your best work. Did you just finish a big project for a client? Tell your online following all about it! You’ll get bonus points for tagging the business you worked with and including photos of the work.

Use Your Own Photos (When Possible)

Speaking of photos, you should always use your own, high quality shots when you are able to. Stock photos are great in a pinch, but striking a balance between using stock photos and your own is a great way to build trust with your audience.

Be Consistent

You should strive to maintain consistency in order to maximize the effectiveness of your content marketing. Make sure the voice/ tone you use in your marketing is consistent. Additionally, try to establish a routine schedule (time of day, week, and month) to release your content. This is a great way to show your reliability.

It is also key to ensure your content is consistently error free. Be sure to always double check your grammar before publishing content to ensure no unwanted errors are made live!

Let My Content Co Help You Build Trust With Your Audience

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