Giving regular feedback is a tricky line that managers and small business owners walk, and that’s because people often receive it in different ways. From how you approach an employee, to your tone of voice and overall demeanor, it’s important that you are cautious and courteous with your subordinates. How they receive your constructive criticism could be the deciding factor in how well they perform the task at hand, and affects your relationship with that coworker going forward, as well.

Regular Feedback and How to Give It Effectively

Good employees crave and appreciate feedback. If you want to retain them, you’re going to have to offer this, so remember these three tips for administering feedback in an effective way:

  • Regular Feedback – delegating tasks is a must in the business world, so giving feedback on a regular basis should be, too. If a subordinate did an extremely poor job on something, you would have to let them know for future purposes. But what if they did an okay job, but nothing super-above-average or worthy of a ton of praise? You should still let them know how they’re doing – for their own benefit as much as yours. It’s good for everyone and gives your employees a sense of accomplishment and importance. It can also let them know when they need to do better, or ask for help.
  • Know Your Employee – it goes without saying that the regular feedback you give will strategically vary from person to person. Knowing how to approach different types of employees is an art and a talent; remember that practice makes perfect! This entire process starts with the hiring phase, so make sure you’re hiring the kind of people who you can efficiently communicate with. From there, remember that developing your relationship with employees via giving feedback is a learning curve, and both parties should get better with each interaction. Otherwise, time to switch up your strategy!
  • Results – as you continually give feedback, your employees will start to know what you expect of them, and be more inclined to provide it for you. People like to be recognized for their hard work, so keep that up, too. You’ll soon start to notice that your small business’ core values and beliefs will become the norm – making your job a little easier!

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