People love to tell other people how to do things the right way, and although some just want to help, when you’re running your own business, you must be careful to avoid myths and potential pitfalls. If you want your company to have success, do your research rather than solely listening to all the advice you’re going to hear. Success is where preparation meets opportunity.

Business Success Myths:

You need a college degree
In case you haven’t heard, today’s bachelor’s degree is about as useful as a high school degree – which isn’t as much as some assume. There are TONS of successful people who didn’t go to Harvard or get a master’s degree. Education through a university is helpful, and a good thing, but it is not absolutely necessary to have a successful business. You can independently research what you need to know with the plethora of information on the web, and even take some online classes and certifications, and still be as knowledgeable as a college graduate.

Good things come to those who wait
While this may apply to some of life’s situations, the business world tends to disagree. Good things come to those who put in the work to achieve their goals. Don’t get confused, patience is a virtue, and an important one. However, if you want to build a successful small business, it’s going to take more than patience. It’s going to take time, effort, passion, and maybe most of all – rest. Figuring out how to balance these without overloading one or the other is the real challenge.

If your budget is low, advertising/marketing has to go
Please, PLEASE, don’t fall into this category of business owners. It is a myth and pitfall that gets harder to climb out of with each passing day. Businesses that don’t advertise or interact with their consumers appear out-of-touch, and that’s the last public image you want to portray. You NEED to advertise and market to your target audiences. Can you think of one successful company that doesn’t? If you can, chances are they aren’t well known (at least nationally), because without advertising and marketing – how will people know about your business? How will you grow it?

In the end, you know your business, your audience and the need you’re trying to fill in the market. You’re going to do well to listen to your gut, just be wary of any advice that doesn’t quite sit well. Understanding these three myths should help you get started while facing in the right direction.

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