Internet marketing has changed a lot over the past few years. While quality static content alone was a safe means to build a strong reputation, there is now a much larger emphasis on interactions with an active audience. This rapid shift has caused several misconceptions about reputation management to surface. Be sure to steer clear of these misconceptions to maximize your chances of maintaining a great reputation!

Once False Feedback is Live, it is Permanent

Negative reviews can be a large eye sore on your social media pages. However, there is a chance that you can have outright false reviews removed. For example, if you discover a review on your Facebook page that you perceive as an active attempt to smear your reputation, you can report the review right to Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook can take a while responding to review claims. If a review contains false claims that have the potential to significantly damage your business’ reputation, the best band aid solution may be to hide all your reviews until the claim has been processed. This is the only time it is in your best interest to hide reviews. Otherwise, your userbase may become skeptical that your business is not transparent or inactive on social media.  

No Reputation is Better Than a Bad Reputation

Many businesses jump to hiding reviews altogether if a few negative ones show up. Again, you should only do this if a review is false and has the potential to cause serious damage. Otherwise, your best course of action is to leave all of the reviews live. Consumers rely heavily on testimonials these days. As long as your negative reviews are the exception and not the rule, it is best to be transparent and leave them all up.

Ignoring the Problem is the Best Approach

While we do suggest allowing most reviews to remain live on your pages, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore them! It is always a good idea to thank those who leave positive reviews on your social media pages. Furthermore, if your posts receive comments, feel free to respond! This will improve your standing with the commenter and others scrolling through their feed who witness your business interacting with the community it built.

When it comes to negative reviews, being proactive is key. You should have a plan in place to address any complaints that your customers may make publicly. Ultimately, sometimes the best approach is to be transparent and address the criticism publicly.

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