Adding a recurring newsletter to your marketing repertoire is a great way to keep your clients informed and up to date with your latest company news and offers.  Your clients are most likely subscribed to several mailing lists, so sticking out from the crowd is crucial to keep your audience interested and engaged.  How can you spruce up your email campaigns?

  1. Design with mobile in mind. These days more than half of your clients are probably opening your mail campaigns with their smartphones. Thus, you should ensure that your campaigns look perfect on both desktop and mobile. Most newsletter clients offer mobile previews of your campaigns. Be sure to take advantage of this feature! You want to spot any spacing inconsistencies or errors to correct them before sending your campaign to the masses.
  2. Emphasize doing more than just selling. Your newsletter is a great way to promote your business, but there is a fine line between engaging your customers and coming off as too “salesy”. A great way to keep your customers interested is sharing your business’ success stories. Did you recently step up for one of your clients and deliver fantastic service? Tell this story in your newsletter! If your client is also a business owner, you could even ask if they would like their name to be shared in the story.
  3. Break up text with images. Opening an email only to face a large wall of text can be quite daunting. This is particularly true with mobile users, who again make up a large portion of most mailing lists. Your campaigns will flow very nicely if they feature a balance of relevant graphics and text. In general, we have found that campaigns featuring 400-500 words and an assortment of graphics receive more attention than longer, more wordy campaigns.
  4. Clean your email list. There are many advantages to cleaning your contact lists from time to time. For starters, you can reduce your bounce rates. If you are routinely sending to several compromised email accounts, it can impact your reputation and cause your campaigns to be sent to subscribers’ spam folders. Cleaning your email list can also remove inactive subscribers. This is advantageous if you are paying for a newsletter client service. The less subscribers you have, the less you pay. While the goal is to have as many subscribers as possible, you can save money by shedding dead weight every so often.

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