Burnout is important to consider when you’re wearing all the hats for your new business. Starting out, your business will need you to do a little bit of everything, and sometimes, even, a lot of everything. But, you started this business because you wanted to be your own boss and you’ve got a passion for being an entrepreneur. How can you keep it that way and avoid burnout?

3 Ways to Avoid Burnout as an Entrepreneur:

Mix it up!
As mentioned before, there are plenty of hats you’ll have to wear starting out; don’t be afraid to mix it up, though! Repeating the same, tedious tasks will certainly contribute to becoming burnt out, so when you get tired of wearing one hat – switch to another! Never be afraid to delegate something, either. After all, you’re the boss!

Keep it simple
Every job from working in fast food to the Oval Office is stressful, but some are much more rewarding than others. Owning your own business that you built from the ground up? Probably the most rewarding accomplishment. But to get there, you’ll need to find success in your industry, and be patient and determined enough to do so. Keep it simple: focus on the next step to getting where you need to be. Every time you clock out at the end of your shift, ask yourself if you got closer to success, or farther away – because day-to-day, it’s always one of those two – we never just stay where we are. You’ve got to want success more than the next person.

Shake it off
Burnout at work doesn’t just affect your work life; it comes home with you, as well. That’s why the battle continues when you’re off work! Burnout is often caused by prolonged stress/frustration, so it becomes necessary to find ways to work that stress out. Some people like to physically work out (weight-lifting, running, etc), but you can do other things to lighten your stress load, too. For example, expressing yourself through art (painting, singing, writing, etc.) is a proven way to de-stress, and it’s enjoyable! For the best results, try both exercising AND expressing yourself. 

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