Administrative service companies offering virtual assistants are growing in popularity, because business owners are realizing the importance of having an administrative staff to help with all those little tasks that can weigh them down. You might say this is a “trending” business model.

Why Hire Virtual Assistants Rather than an In-House Employee?

Like full-time staff members, virtual assistants can learn about your business and then use that knowledge to take over some of the tasks that you simply don’t have the bandwidth to complete. Consider things like managing a billing spreadsheet for client work completed, or keeping your meeting schedule organized efficiently. Then there’s the very large task of keeping up with your clients’ questions and phone calls, answering them and scheduling appointments to meet with them, etc. Managing it all can get a bit out of hand when you have other responsibilities as well. That’s where the question of, “When is it time to hire a full-time administrative assistant to help keep things running smoothly?” comes to mind.

If you’re like a lot of local business owners, you may not have enough work to keep someone busy full-time. You may only need a few hours covered each week, which would make it impractical to hire one person to work at your company. That’s why virtual assistants are becoming a popular option. They’re good for that in-between time, when you don’t have 40 weekly hours of work to keep someone busy in-house, but you do need some of that work removed from your own task list.

A More Cost-Effective Option

Do you ever think, “Wow, a freelance administrative assistant would solve all of my problems,” because let’s face it, some weeks you might have 20 hours’ worth of work for someone, and other weeks you may have five hours’ worth. That’s not a consistent enough workload to hire even a part-time person to help, which means hiring a company offering virtual assistants to take over these tasks on an hourly basis can be a lot more cost-effective. One month, you can use the company’s administrative staff to answer 100 phone calls, and the next month you can use them only to schedule three meetings. That’s the beauty of the virtual setup.

Helping Your Business Grow

In hiring out for virtual assistants, you not only free up some of your own time, but you open your business up to a whole host of other benefits, both direct and indirect. For example, you may have created more time for yourself to go out and find new prospects, but you also set up a system in which clients will call and hear a professional voice on the other line, organized and prepared to solve their inquiries or set up their appointments quickly and efficiently. The direct benefit here is obvious – more time for you, and no missed calls. The indirect benefit is the positive feedback you can gain from providing such professional and organized customer service. And there’s still yet another benefit – not only can you grow a more positive reputation for being so easily reachable, you can save money in the process, allowing you to invest in other features for your business’s success.

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