Social media has become an invaluable tool for countless businesses of every size and type. Striking the perfect balance of neither overloading your customers’ feeds nor posting too infrequently can be tricky, however. How often should your business post on social media.

How Much is Too Much?

The truth is, the amount that your business posts should largely depend on the business itself as well as the social media platform in question. Here is a guide you can apply to each major platform. In general, you should not exceed these recommendations to avoid overloading your customers with content.

  • Facebook and Instagram: No more than two posts per day. Businesses who post more than twice per day begin to notice a decrease in post interactions.
  • Twitter: No more than 5 posts per day. The lifespan of tweets is significantly shorter than other social media statuses, so it makes sense to post more frequently. You can also demonstrate your activeness by retweeting relevant customer tweets or industry related tweets.
  • LinkedIn: No more than once per day. LinkedIn recommends sharing around 20 posts per month. You can achieve this by posting roughly once per business day (which is perfect since LinkedIn receives more traffic during the work week).

Posting for Your Business

Now that you know the maximum your business should reasonably post per day, you can shift your attention to creating your own social media plan. When creating a weekly plan for your posts, be sure to focus on consistent timing and creating high quality posts. Having a plan that is within your means is a lot better than scrambling for low quality content simply to have something posted. Additionally, if you have a consistent posting schedule, followers will begin to get a feel for how often they should be expecting updates from you.

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