When considering switching to a virtual telephone answering service, a lot of clear benefits come to mind right away. For many businesses, the obvious reason to make the switch is ultimately centered around saving time. The fact that answering services can also save money and help businesses grow often comes as a pleasant surprise to business owners. How can an answering service help your business grow?

Never Miss a Call

Missing a call is never a great look, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. If you are already on a call or otherwise occupied, missed calls can start to pile up. The reality is, customers strongly prefer human interaction right away. That’s why around 75% of callers hang up as soon as a call goes to voicemail.

Answering services are able to step in when business is thriving and the calls start piling up. Rather than losing out on potential leads, your answering service receptionists can start a relationship with inquiring contacts and establish a call back if you are too busy to get in contact at that moment.

Save Money

If you feel like you’re starting to lose too many hours per week on the phone, there’s two main ways you can go about solving the problem. Some businesses choose to hire their own receptionist, while others opt for a telephone answering service. The issue with hiring a receptionist becomes that it requires you to pay a full salary to a new employee. Answering service providers like My Admin Co start at $49 per month and are just as effective!

Freed Up Time

After starting up an answering service, you’ll likely notice far less distractions throughout your day. Those short phone conversations with customers can really start to add up and take away precious business time. Answering service receptionists can be trained to handle those mundane calls with the same prowess and company values that you’ve used to grow your business all along. In the meantime, you can focus your undivided attention on more pressing business matters with the knowledge that a receptionist will reach out with any calls that require your instant attention.

Help Your Business Grow with My Admin Co’s Answering Services

My Admin Co understands how challenging it is to juggle all the responsibilities that come with running a small business, and can help with yours! That’s why we offer reliable, convenient, and affordable administrative services, including a call answering service. To learn more about our services and take administrative tasks off of your plate, visit us online or call us today at (410) 324-3934.