It has now been over a month since the spread of COVID-19 resulted in a national emergency declaration. While some states are now gearing up to reopen, it is safe to say that others will need to practice sheltering in place and/ or social distancing through at least the end of June. For this reason, it is important to review marketing tips your business can use to stay relevant during this period of uncertainty.

Continue to Keep Your Customers Updated

In late March, we sent out a newsletter that outlines some tips for adapting your social media pages and newsletter campaigns to best serve your customers in this ever-changing time. The tips we provided still bear a lot of relevance in April as well. In our newsletter, we predicted a significant growth in social media usage. All major social media platforms have reported a surge in usage since the spread of the virus began in the United States. For this reason, the easiest way to keep your customers informed with all your latest news is to keep your social media updated and active. 

Use Credible COVID-19 Related Sources

If you decide to cover the virus itself in your marketing, you will obviously be doing so with the goal of helping others stay informed. However, false information is all over the internet. If you do not carefully select sources, your content could potentially do more harm than good to your readers and your reputation. The safest sources for COVID-19 related updates are:

Highlight How Your Brand Can Help

Many businesses have to get creative when it comes to providing value throughout the crisis. Be sure to consider this unique cultural situation we’re all living through and highlight anything your business can do to make the transition a smoother one. Generating new customers has been a challenge for many businesses during this crisis, so it may be worth providing helpful or inspiring content for free. At the minimum, doing this will keep your current customers engaged. At best, some new customers may pick up on the value of your brand as well.

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