The COVID-19 pandemic continues to shape and reshape each of our day to day lives. Owners of essential businesses have been asked to quickly implement social distancing measures and have been seeking new ways of drawing attention to their businesses. Non-essential businesses have been making the switch toward a completely remote work environment as a means to continue operation. As your business begins to settle into its new rhythm, be sure to use these tips to draw eyes to your website and keep your customers informed.

Add Key Updates to Your Home Page

If you have any key updates you would like to broadcast, your homepage is one great place to do so. Potential inquiring customers really have no way to know the capacity that your business is currently operating. Pairing your key company updates with a call to action will catch them up and provide a means to begin or continue your relationship.

Remove and Refresh Content

If you find that our current situation has created more free time in your day to day schedule, consider using this extra time to refresh some content on your site. Go through and make sure all discontinued products and old events are removed.  You may even want to take a look at your About page. Is all your information still accurate and up to date? Including your business’ latest achievements is a very easy way to keep your site current and fresh. There’s a decent chance you can use your refreshed content on your social media descriptions as well.  

Ensure Your SEO is Tailored for Local Results

SEO tailored for local results has always been important. With travel restrictions in place and consumer caution on the rise, the importance has only magnified in 2020. To maximize your site’s local traffic, be sure that your site has a fully functioning mobile counterpart. Search engines favor sites that don’t force users to ham-handedly navigate through a desktop interface. Additionally, be sure that you have dedicated space on your site that mentions all the areas you serve. This, in addition to listing your physical location, is one of the easiest ways to boost your rank in local search results.

Claim and Update Your Google My Business Page

An updated Google My Business page can eliminate a lot of confusion during periods of rapid change. If you have not done so already, be sure to claim your Google My Business page. This will allow you to keep your business’ hours up to date and available to customers before they even visit your site. Another added benefit of optimizing your My Business page is that it will give you another leg up against local competition who may have not taken the time to do so yet.

Improve Your Site During COVID-19 with My Content Co

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