Small business owners have a lot on their plate on a daily basis. Without effective delegation, even mundane tasks can start to pile up and become too much for one person to handle. Unfortunately, many business owners are reluctant to hand the reins over to their fellow employees for a variety of reasons. However, if you avoid these common delegation myths, you’ll be sure to avoid the burnout and decreased productivity that hinders many business owners on a daily basis.

“I’m Too Busy to Properly Delegate”

Explaining nuanced tasks to employees takes time. Because of the upfront time investment, many business owners bypass it altogether. Instead, they either tackle the task by themselves or spring the task on an employee without proper explanation. Neither option leads to desired results. Consider that as a business owner, one of your key roles is to develop your staff. Rather than assigning new tasks without explanation, take the time to fully walk your team through each step. This way, they can complete the task the right way the first time with your guidance. After that, they will be fully equipped to do so by themselves in the future.

“I Can Complete the Task Better Myself”

There’s a solid chance this is true. You are an expert in your field and likely have been for some time now. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in your team. If you never take the time to do so, your team will never be able to move forward and fully realize their potential. Your team is the most valuable tool at your disposal. Investing in them will only sharpen those tools and increase their ability to contribute in the long term.

“Delegating is Belittling”

When you delegate, you are effectively handing a task you are capable of completing to someone else. Some business owners think this can come off as belittling to their team. Despite the fact that sometimes delegated tasks can seem a bit mundane, this does not mean they bear any less significance to your team’s overall goals. In fact, a task that you consider mundane may be another team member’s area of expertise. Often times, delegating is a great way to harness the various strengths that each of your team members bring to the table.

At My Admin Co, We Understand the Need for Delegation

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