Blogging on a consistent basis is a great way to provide value to your audience and drive more traffic to your website. However, most writers eventually get to a point along the course of their blog where they simply don’t know which topic to cover next. If you’ve found yourself in this position, check out these effective tips you can use to overcome your writer’s block.

Spotlight Members of Your Team

Introducing members of your team is a great way to develop a more human aspect to your blog. It serves as a way to show the faces behind the great work that your company provides. Consider adding in some fun facts as well to keep your audience engaged throughout.

Revisit Old Posts

Sometimes taking a look back through all of your previous posts can spark some fresh ideas. When looking through your posts, be sure to pay attention to which posts received the most attention. It may be worth revisiting such topics to address new or similar matters which will likely garner similar attention.

Follow Main Influencers in Your Industry

Most industries have a few influencers or news sources at the top of their field. Remember to follow influencers in your industry and check back periodically if you are facing difficulty generating content. Often times, these sources discuss current matters and news that may resonate with you. When this happens, ideas usually begin to flow much easier than they do when starting with a blank slate.

Start a Blog Series

Cramming broad topics into a tidy, brief blog post can be nearly impossible. Consider taking one of your more complex and nuanced areas of expertise and breaking it up into several blog posts. The chronology will keep your readers engaged while not overwhelming them with a wall of text to sort through all at once.

Outline Common Industry Myths

As an expert in your field, you probably come across common industry myths regularly. When it comes to providing value to your audience, dispelling myths is just as important as providing meaningful advice. Consider dedicating a blog post to discussing and correcting the misconceptions you run into the most. 

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