One of our favorite things about small businesses is that each one possesses its own unique company culture. Rather than adapting to existing corporate company values, small business owners have the unique opportunity to develop their own vision and the culture surrounding it. How can you make sure your business is developing a strong company culture?

Lead by Example

Company culture starts at the top. The greatest way to preserve your original vision of a thriving company culture is to exemplify it on a daily basis. If you lay out your expectations but behave differently, your office environment will suffer as a result. Alternatively, if you choose to be the example you wish to see on your team, your team is much more likely to embody similar behavior.

Emphasize Communication

Strong company culture doesn’t look exactly the same from business to business. Some businesses flourish with loose restrictions while others thrive with more traditional day-to-day practices in place. Regardless of the nature of a company’s culture, it can be strengthened when open communication is encouraged. Be sure to clearly outline that honesty and integrity are both fundamental to the success of the business. Keep in mind that a strong level of transparency can lead to difficult conversations at times. You will have to address your own shortcomings or mistakes when the time comes. However, the ability to do so will build trust throughout your team that will translate to a strong company bond.

Focus on Your Employees

If you want your team to invest in your company culture, be sure to invest in them first. There are many characteristics that form a good leader, and empathy is among the most important. In fact, a 2019 Harvard Business Review report revealed that 80% of 150 surveyed CEOs believe empathy is a key to success. Try to make empathy part of your culture by rewarding your team’s hard work and regularly making sure they have everything they need to grow and succeed.

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