As you scroll down your social media feeds, you’ve probably realized that a big chunk of the content in front of you is from businesses trying to convince you that their product is worthy of your attention. The issue a lot of these businesses have is that they’re solely focused on selling you their product or service.  While that end goal is reasonable enough, simply promoting a product, setting an ad budget and waiting for the dollars to pour in may quickly lead to disappointing results. Rather than making that same mistake, make sure you understand the role of empathy in your content marketing!

Don’t Sell. Engage.

The best content marketers don’t attract their following by pushing their product. Instead, they attract people to their brand by creating engaging content. There are so many ways that businesses of any kind can engage the public. You are a subject matter expert in your field. As such, it’s safe to say there are tricks and tips to your trade that the general public can benefit from learning. Demonstrating this expertise in a manner that doesn’t come off as “salesy,” is a great way to strengthen the online presence of any business. Ultimately, it is crucial to remember that the common consumer scrolling through their feed isn’t looking to buy your product, but rather to buy into your approach to solving their day to day problems.

Remember That Everyone is Different

There is a decent chance that your business is looking to appeal to multiple age groups. Even if your products and services are tailored to a specific demographic, it is crucial to recognize that everyone, regardless of age, is unique. As such, your content marketing should appeal to many different types of people. Make sure the content from your major marketing platforms includes a mix of educational, inspirational and entertaining content in order to keep as many viewers as possible engaged.

Rely on Your Customers

If you could use some insight regarding the strength of your content marketing, consider going right to the customer. Be sure to pay attention to the comment sections of your posts, as well as the level of interaction that each receives. You may begin to notice that some of your campaigns receive more positive feedback and attention than others, and then you can reshape future campaigns accordingly. Discovering the content that your audience is glossing over and reworking it or scrapping it altogether is equally worthwhile.

Weave Empathy into Your Content Marketing with My Content Co

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