Earlier this year, many of us were suddenly forced to completely change the way we do business due to the national COVID-19 shutdown. What initially felt like an experiment to thousands of businesses has become the new normal over these past five months. While some businesses are itching to get back to their office spaces, many have realized that working from home actually comes with a host of benefits. What are the advantages of sticking to a virtual work environment even after the dust of the pandemic settles?

Increased Talent Pool

Sometimes finding the perfect team member to fill a specific role can be tricky and time consuming. Offering the ability to work from home often makes the process much easier and faster. Your open positions will garner much more attention if prospective employees do not have to relocate in order to be seriously considered. Think about how much your pool of high-quality choices would grow if you weren’t limited strictly to local options.  

Cost Savings

Renting office space isn’t exactly cheap. You don’t necessarily have to ditch the office for good, but offering the option to work from home may allow you to downsize to a smaller and more affordable space for those times where an in person meeting is preferred.  Alternatively, some businesses have decided to rent office space on a case by case basis in these situations.


Choosing to stay fully or partially remote introduces a lot of flexibility to your employees’ work lives and schedules. The ability to split time between the office and a virtual work environment is quite enticing to new employees for this reason. Eliminating the need for commuting alone can reshape your team’s entire day and allow them to maximize their time by working instead of traveling.

Maintaining Productivity

All of the points above would be useless if the quality of work diminished when operating out of a virtual work environment. However, businesses across the country have discovered that they’re able to maintain similar levels of productivity in a virtual work environment. Combining this level of productivity with the factors above is enough evidence to suggest that working from home isn’t just a short-term trend. In fact, a recent KPMG survey reports that 68% of larger company CEOs are planning to downsize their office spaces in preparation for the future.

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