Sometimes it feels as if the COVID-19 pandemic has turned life into one never-ending Zoom call. As video calls have become the norm in today’s workplace, it is always imperative to make a good first impression – something that may get overlooked when working remotely. Let’s look at some best practices for making great first impressions on Zoom, and in any teleconference.

Prepare Yourself for First Impressions on Zoom

Pajamas have become the de facto work-from-home uniform for many, but that may not look the best on a Zoom call. Take the time to find an appropriate outfit for all teleconference calls, even if it is among fellow co-workers, as opposed to clients. It doesn’t need to be a three-piece suit but also shouldn’t be your favorite Taylor Swift concert T-shirt, either. Think business casual like a sweater or a collared shirt that would be appropriate in an office setting. Make sure to also avoid eating on the call and keep drinks out of view.

Prepare Your Space

Before the calls start, take a minute to prepare your surrounding area. Find an area with a clear background or one with minimal items. Do not show busy areas or those that appear more lived-in. You don’t want the people on the call to see a sink full of dishes or a pile of laundry. There is nothing wrong with a plain wall or a picture in the background. Some video-call and computer programs even offer pre-made backgrounds, for when that’s easier than worrying about tidying up. Try to avoid windows in the background, especially during daytime hours, because they may provide excess glare. Make sure the room is well lit and you can be clearly seen on the call.

Prepare Your Environment

Now that you look good and you are in a good space, make sure the environment is calm and professional. Tell family members that may be home that you will be on an important call and you need them to remain quiet. This is especially important if kids are home. Ensure that children have an activity to keep them occupied during the call and things like televisions and computers remain at a low volume. Reiterate how important it is for them to behave during this time and give them an expectation for when the call will be finished. Another good idea is to keep pets out of the room, unless you are certain they will remain quiet as well. Keep your microphone on mute unless you are speaking and enable the share screen function as soon as the call starts so you can quickly share, if needed. Finally, be sure to keep your camera off until you are completely ready to be on camera.

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