Before the COVID-19 pandemic, webinars were already on the rise as a popular platform to host events. Now that there are limitations on in-person gatherings, the medium has rapidly continued its ascension in popularity for small and large businesses alike. Considering hosting a webinar of your own? Here’s four benefits that will make it worth your time and effort.

What is a Webinar?

If you haven’t attended a webinar yet, we’ll catch you up to speed. The word webinar is simply a combination of the terms “web” and “seminar”. Effectively, webinars are live web events that allow businesses to promote themselves or educate the public.

Benefits of Hosting Your Own Webinar

Improve Your Brand Authority and Awareness

If you take the time to educate your audience, you’ll start to build trust with them. As a result, they will look to your brand as a reference when it comes to the subject of your expertise. Attendees who enjoyed the webinar experience are likely to recommend your business as well, so don’t be surprised if you notice an uptick in activity on your social media channels after a successful webinar.

Increase the Scope of Your Brand

The great thing about webinars is that anyone can attend them from anywhere in the world. As such, they are a great way to generate leads from people who you otherwise would never have interacted with. If you’re looking to increase your brands footprint on the map, hosting a webinar is a great starting point.

Appeal to FOMO

If you post a video to one of your social media channels, your viewers know they can come back to it at any time. Even if your content seems interesting, your audience may just gloss over it and never return. Webinars are live events. If you advertise an event that solely exists to benefit the audience, they won’t want to miss it. In addition, audience members can interact with the host of your webinar, allowing them to enjoy a personalized experience that benefits them more than a standard video promotion.


The overall purpose of hosting a webinar is to help build your brand in the long run, but webinars can also generate instant financial gain. Businesses with an established audience can set a ticket price for entry to their webinar and monetize on screen advertisements from sponsors. Chances are your first webinar won’t lead to massive earnings, but this is something to keep in mind as you become more familiar with delivering top notch content.

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