Everyone wants to be among the top search results in their field. However, hiring an SEO expert typically involves a large monthly expense. Fear not! There’s actually a lot you can do to improve your search engine rank without breaking the bank. Here are 4 easy recommendations you can use to move up the ranks.

Start a Blog

Publishing content is a great way to help your search engine ranking climb. Google prioritizes sites that are frequently updated and contain relevant keywords. Starting a blog allows you to capitalize on both of these things. As such, we highly recommend starting a blog (and making routine posts!) if you haven’t done so yet. If you are consistently publishing blog content that uses relevant keywords and provides value to your audience, you’ll start to see your search engine ranking climb.

Ramp Up Your Social Media Activity

If you do decide to start a blog, you’ll want to supplement it with active social media channels. Posting a blog you wrote to your social media pages won’t instantly skyrocket your search engine ranking, but there are still some reasons why you should be doing it.  As users begin to share and interact with your content, it becomes clearer that you are providing value to your local audience. When that happens over time, your search engine ranking will climb as a result.

Ensure That Your Site is Mobile Friendly

In 2020, every site should be 100% mobile friendly. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, your search engine ranking is surely suffering as a result. Google assigns a lot of weight to mobile friendliness, so be sure to optimize your site for mobile users if you haven’t already. If you aren’t sure where to start, trust the experts!

Ensure That Your Site is Quick

Even if your site is optimized for mobile use, you won’t notice much improvement in your search engine ranking unless it offers a snappy user experience too. In fact, if your site is otherwise perfectly optimized in every area, your ranking will still suffer. Making sure your site is quick and responsive will keep your customers happy and your search engine ranking high.  

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking with My Content Co

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