The COVID-19 pandemic has forced traditional office employees to work almost exclusively from home. While there are benefits for both employees and employers, it may be hard to build strong relationships within the team with everyone communicating via Zoom and Slack. Here are a few fun remote team building exercises that can add a little fun to the virtual workplace.

Remote Team Building

The key to remote team building is to find fun activities in which everyone can take part. An easy place to start is with a virtual book club. Start with a short, easily accessible book. It can be something work related or just the latest piece of popular fiction. You can schedule weekly Zoom get togethers to discuss different aspects of the book, breaking it into digestible chunks. Another idea is to do a virtual “show and tell,” where at the beginning of each meeting one employee shares a special item and discusses its importance. This can make the interaction feel more personable to each employee and it can be an effective team building tool as well.

Regular Social Activities

People rely on work for social connection. Simply exchanging emails and chat messages may feel hollow after some time, which is why remote team building can become a challenge. Schedule regular Zoom lunches where everyone gets together to eat. The same can be done with happy hours after work. The only rule should be that no business talk is allowed. This will allow employees to feel relaxed and perhaps more connected to the people they work with.

Trivia Never Fails

It is hard to find people that do not love a good trivia contest. There are numerous apps and games online where team members can compete to see who recalls the most pointless knowledge. There can also be an internal trivia contest where each employee writes down a fun fact about themselves and everyone guesses who it belongs to. Another option is the famous “two facts and a fib” where employees give two facts about themselves and one lie. It is up to everyone else to then pick out the lie.

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