When you’re in need of a service, how do you decide which company to give your business to? If you are like a lot of people, there’s a good chance that you spend some time browsing reviews before making your selection. As such, it’s safe to assume that others are checking out your business’ review page as well. How can you make sure it’s up to date with accurate reviews about your business?

Just Ask Your Customers!

When your products or services clearly brightened someone’s day or exceeded their expectations, it’s usually pretty easy to tell. However, this does not guarantee that they’ll proceed to leave a review. In fact, it’s more likely that an unsatisfied customer would go out of their way to leave a review.

Verbally asking everyone you work with for a review might get a little tedious or even repetitive, however. If you find this is the case, there are a variety of other ways you can ask for reviews. You can always reach out to trusted customers via social media in a friendly way and ask for a short review. Alternatively, you can include a review call to action on your menus or receipts. Some of our clients have also had success including call to actions in automated thank you emails after invoices have been paid.

Give Them Lots of Options

Your customers should have a variety of platforms to choose from for leaving reviews. It’s okay to advertise reviews on your site, but the bulk of your customers are more likely to see your reviews on your Facebook page or your Google My Business profile. Be sure that both of these are fully configured so that your customers can conveniently leave a positive review on their platform of choice.

Explain Why Reviews Are Important

Positive reviews can have a large impact on a business. A business with a stream of positive reviews has a large edge over the competition when it comes to attracting new customers. Plus, an honest review will help you determine what people like about your business and which areas could use some improvement. There’s no harm in explaining how much an honest review would mean to you!

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