Hiring an answering service should be a no-brainer for all small businesses. Not only is an answering service more cost effective and efficient, but it presents a professional face to even the smallest of businesses. Let’s look at why your company – no matter its current size – can benefit from an answering service.

A Professional Answering Service

An answering service instantly adds professionalism to your company. A trained answering specialist greets each customer and connects them with the person they want to speak with or takes a message if that person is unavailable. Having a live person, opposed to the never-ending process of navigating an automated system, creates ease for both you and your customer. If you are in the middle of another call, the answering service can put a new caller on hold or provide you with call-back instructions. That way members of your team can always be prepared to take the call opposed to potentially answering in haste during a busy time.

Cost Effective and Affordable

Many small businesses hire a receptionist to handle these calls but that can be a misuse of resources. An answering service that only bills for the time spent answering calls is a great option. It frees up capital to be put into other parts of the business or removes a task from an employee who can focus on other activities to help the business grow.

Extend Your Hours

An answering service can provide customers a way to reach your business 24 hours a day. While you may only officially operate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. an answering service can monitor your phone lines at all times of that day or on holidays. Important calls can still be sent to employees while other messages can be relayed for follow up later. Customers can also get direct information from a live person, even if it is to tell them that the business is closed today, and they can receive a call back the next day. While simple, this increase in customer service can pay long-term dividends in growing your customer base.

My Admin Co Makes Life Easier for Business Owners

My Admin Co understands how challenging it is to juggle all the responsibilities that come with running a small business and can help with yours! That’s why we offer reliable, convenient and affordable administrative services, including a call answering service. To learn more about our services and take administrative tasks off your plate, visit us online or call us today. Reach us at (410) 324-3934 (and yes, we do use our own answering service).