With more than 1 billion users, Instagram presents business owners with a tremendous opportunity to reach new customers and grow their brand. Instagram is particularly popular with younger consumers as 75% of people between ages 18 to 24 use the platform and 57% of those 25 to 30. Let’s look at some proven ways to grow your company’s Instagram following.

The Easiest Way to Grow Your Company’s Instagram Following

Post! Yes, you need to post to build the following, but more importantly, post regularly. A study from Tailwind, a visual marketing firm, found that companies that post at least seven times a week get followers and likes faster than those that don’t. It seems simple but companies too often start a social media account only to rarely post. While not every post will break the internet, having an active account that regularly offers content will help you get noticed.

Mix Up Content Types

Instagram is more than just cool photos. You can post videos, stories, and live streams to offer followers a range of content. Experiment with different types of posting information to see what resonates with your audience. Also, treat your audience with respect. No one is going to follow a brand that just posts information about itself. Interact with your community and take them inside your business. Offer Instagram followers special offers and like and comment on posts from your followers. The more you seem like an actual human being, the more people will want to follow your account.

Up Your Hashtag Game

Make sure your posts reach the right audience with hashtags. Hashtags expand who sees your post. Research the most active hashtags in your segment and use them regularly. Don’t try to create a new hashtag or use an obscure one. Get in the middle of the conversation! Using the most current hashtags is a great way to grow your company’s Instagram following. There are even cool Instagram tools like Display Purpose and AutoHash that will help find the most relevant hashtags.

Look at the Numbers

Another proven way to grow your company’s Instagram following is to use analytics. Instagram allows users to look at their history and sort posts based on things like views, likes, comments. Go through these numbers each week to see what posts have performed the best and try to figure out why. Is a certain hashtag performing well? What subject matter gets the most reactions? Be smart about how you use Instagram and you’ll see your followers grow in no time.

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