Boosting Facebook posts and pages allows companies to better reach their specific target audiences. Is your business a real estate agency, trying to get more visibility in the Baltimore area, for example? If so, you could boost your Facebook page, or a post about a listing, so that it appears in the news feeds of people within 20 miles of the city. Boosting is a great way to make Facebook work for you, and it may sound complicated at first, but Facebook makes it easier than you think to start successfully boosting Facebook posts.

Choose What You’d Like to Boost

Step 1 is to choose what you’d like to boost. Do you want boost your whole business page, or would you rather boost that one post that does a thorough job of promoting your business? Whatever you choose to boost, you’re deciding that is what you want eyes on. For the purpose of this example, we’ll go back to that real estate listing. Let’s say you’d like to boost a post that promotes a listing in the Baltimore area. You would visit that post on your Facebook page, and select the “Boost Post” button in the lower right-hand corner of your post. Make sure you’re strategic in what image you choose to endorse – maybe it’s a very appealing picture of someone’s future home. Ask yourself, “is this something that will promote my company as well as an advertisement would?” Remember that the goal for this post boost is to build your brand awareness, and to get more eyes on the product, service or company that you are promoting.

Target Your Audience

Who is your target audience? Think about who you want to reach with this post. Do you intend on engaging an audience in the city? Maybe those who are ready to move from the inner city to the suburbs? Or do you think this post would perform better with an audience already living a little too far out from the city, and would perhaps want to downsize and live closer to all of the amenities Baltimore has to offer. Consider who your post would appeal to most, and then set your demographics accordingly. Narrowing down the audience like in this example helps to make sure that the budget you’re working with is spent in the most lucrative way possible.

Select a Budget & Timeline

Facebook will give you an idea of expected results based on the budget and timeline you choose. You can play around with this feature to find the closest result to your own goals, before choosing to finalize the boost. If you search around for advice on where to start with selecting a budget, you will often hear that you should start with no less than $50, but you can boost for as little as $1/day if you really want to. You can always try starting low and work your way up to where you feel the most comfortable. The more you spend, of course, the better off your reach and engagement will look. Just keep in mind that part of the post’s success will be based on how engaging it was to begin with. Try choose a post that already sees good organic reach, as opposed to other posts that may be sitting cold. Posts that get good engagement to begin with, will perform best with boosting. Start there, and then focus your budget on growing that engagement, little by little if you prefer, or start big and see what you can bring in!

It’s Worth It to Start Successfully Boosting Facebook Posts!

When you boost a Facebook post,  it starts showing up in the news feeds of more people, who may not have been in your network to begin with. You’ll ultimately increase your following and brand awareness this way, engaging a broader audience than you would otherwise. Maybe that boosted listing reached the people who wouldn’t have found their dream home otherwise! When it comes down to it, there are a lot of people (that’s an understatement) engaging with Facebook at any given time, and if you aren’t boosting, your organic posts could be getting lost in all of the noise. Boosting makes sure that more people are exposed to your content, which ultimately helps spread your message!

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