Even though digital marketing has taken the advertising space by a storm over the last several years, you might be surprised to learn that your phone number is still one of your most valuable marketing assets. Turns out, many customers still value the opportunity to reach out more conventionally. To take advantage of that, we need to make sure are phone number is readily discoverable to our audience. Here are four ways to market your business’ phone number online!

Where Should I Market my Business’ Phone Number?

Your Website

Your phone number should absolutely be on your website…several times. Don’t keep it buried in your contact section! (although it should be there, too) Instead, be sure to have your phone number prominently displayed at either the top or bottom of each page. The key is to make it as easy as possible for prospective clients to reach out to you. Another way to do that is to make your phone number clickable. The last thing mobile users want to do is copy and paste your phone number when your competitors allow them to simply tap it to start dialing.

Google My Business

Having your contact information on your Google My Business page is almost as important as having it on your own site. When users stumble across a business with a lackluster Google My Business page, its usually a good sign that it’s time to continue searching for a more legitimate provider. Taking the time to update your page with an accurate phone number, hours of operation and website link is a sure way to boost your online appearance, and you can definitely expect to receive more calls as a result. 

Social Media

Now more than ever, customers are using social media as a means to help them find businesses to support. A simple trip to a business’ social media page is a great way to gauge their commitment to staying active, read their reviews, learn about their services and of course, find their contact information. Be sure to list your phone number on each of your social media profiles! You can also include your phone number in posts as a call to action from time to time.

Digital Content

Speaking of CTAs, your digital content should always include a call to action with contact information. Your snazzy new newsletter campaign that perfectly represents your brand won’t be super beneficial unless it gives customers the means to contact you! Additionally, wrapping up your blog posts with a pertinent call to action including your phone numbers and/or email address is a great way to keep your contact information visible to potentially interested readers. Check out the next paragraph to see this practice in action!  

Help Your Business Grow with My Admin Co

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