The best candidates don’t stay available for long, which can make it quite difficult to find the perfect receptionist for your business. If you are currently searching for a new receptionist, here are the three key traits we look for when adding receptionists to our own team.

Friendliness and Politeness

Being friendly and polite is a crucial component of success in most professions, but these traits are particularly important for receptionists. The best receptionists can let their smile naturally come through even during phone conversations. This is a natural skill that helps callers or visitors feel welcome right away.

Since our receptionists are often the first point of contact that our customers have with our business, it’s crucial that they bring a friendly demeanor to work every day. This is true even when conversations start to feel heated. Receptionists should remain confident, but not aggressive in hopes of diffusing any altercations before they start to snowball into highly dissatisfied customers.

Multitasking Capabilities

Receptionists do a lot more than simply answer phones, so they need to be able to multitask effectively. In addition to monitoring the phonelines, receptionists are often responsible for assisting administrative staff or working on word data entry projects. The best receptionists are able to jump between these tasks and call handling while still offering clients and customers their undivided attention.


Organization skills are fundamentally integral to this line of work. The best receptionists can find important phone numbers and files in a moment’s notice whilst keeping a clean and organized workspace. Of course, there will be times when no level of organization can prepare receptionists for certain interactions. For example, what if a supervisor or manager isn’t there to take a call or answer a pressing question? In these cases, the best receptionists are able to work under pressure and protect the interests of both the business and the inquiring customer.

Help Your Business Grow with Receptionists from My Admin Co

My Admin Co understands how challenging it is to juggle all the responsibilities that come with running a small business, and can help with yours! That’s why we offer reliable, convenient, and affordable administrative services, including a call answering service. If a receptionist is on our team, it’s because they possess each of the crucial traits we’ve outlined in ths blog.  To learn more about our services and take administrative tasks off of your plate, visit us online or call us today at (410) 324-3934.