Most small businesses rely on multiple social media channels to target every segment of their audiences. While it might be easiest to post the same content on every platform, each channel has nuances that make certain types of content perform better than others. What are the best types of content for each of your social media channels?


Facebook is a fantastic platform for posting videos, blog posts and other curated content. Both pre-recorded videos and live videos get great engagement numbers, and video often performs better than text-based or image-based posts. Posting blog content is a great way to make the most of your blogs from My Content Co and engage with your audience. Out of all social media channels, curated third-party content also performs well on Facebook. If you post relevant tutorials, articles or links that are from trusted sources, your followers are likely to engage.


Instagram is one of the social media channels where aesthetically pleasing content is king. Users expect beautiful photos that are high-resolution. Product photos, behind-the-scenes photos and user-generated content perform the best on Instagram. User-generated content can rapidly grow your account, and it grants you quality content without the need to create it yourself.


When it comes to finding breaking news and short thoughts, Twitter is the leader out of all social media channels. Most people use Twitter to keep up with news, breaking news and engage with short-form content. While it might not be the most popular of all networks, it is a great place to make announcements about your company, share real-time updates and connect with customers.


LinkedIn is the best place to post job listings, company news and professional polished content. Users on LinkedIn expect content to be career or industry-related more than they do on other social media channels. This makes it a great place to showcase your company culture, spotlight special employees, advertise open job positions and more.

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