The busy day to day schedule of an entrepreneur can easily make us forget that it’s important to stay on top of the latest tactics and trends in the industry.  One of the easiest ways to stay plugged in is to find some podcasts that grapple with questions and topics that can benefit our businesses. Here are our top four podcasts for business owners!

Smart Passive Income

Host Pat Flynn brings the brightest minds in business to the Smart Passive Income podcast to discuss strategies, tips and advice. The podcast has been releasing several episodes per week for over ten years now, meaning there are bound to be several topics that catch your interest. Whether you need some tips for your hiring process, improving your site or even starting your own book, Smart Passive Income can help!

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Presented by Social Media Examiner, Social Media Marketing Podcast is another long running podcast filled with content we can use to benefit our businesses. Each 45-minute episode is centered around improving specific aspects of your social media marketing plan. The subject matter can range from the essentials, like growing your Facebook audience organically, to whether your business should hop onto the latest social media trends like TikTok.

The Tim Ferriss Show

We can learn a lot from the marketing gurus that often make guest appearances at the podcasts outlined above. Sometimes it is a bit more fun and engaging to find inspiration in celebrities and the path they took toward success. In his podcast, Tim Ferriss sits down with people from all walks of life to discover the tools and tactics they used to ascend to the top of their field.

Defining Moments

To this point, our recommendations have centered around podcasts that offer expert advice on specific matters you can use to improve your business. However, any business owner will admit that failure is necessary in order for lasting growth to take place. Defining Moments explores the challenges of starting and running a business with individuals currently in the midst of doing so.

My Admin Co Makes Life Easier for Small Business Owners

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