While Facebook remains one of the most popular digital marketing platforms for businesses of every size, there are many myths about advertising on the platform. My Content Co works with businesses in many different industries to create compelling Facebook advertising, and these are some of the myths we encounter regularly.

Facebook Isn’t Ideal for B2B Advertising

This is a major Facebook advertising myth, and it prevents many companies from getting the most out of the platform. While LinkedIn is a good place to make B2B connections, Facebook is also a great platform to connect with other businesses and advertise directly to decision-makers in your target audience group.

Facebook Advertising Is Expensive

Facebook is one of the most affordable advertising platforms, and you can start running successful ads for as little as $1 a day. You don’t need to commit a large sum of money to run ads, and you can also change your ad campaign or halt it while it’s running if necessary.

Boosting Posts Is the Same as a Campaign

Facebook advertising offers you numerous ways to target your audience, and boosting posts and running ad campaigns are two of them. Boosting posts is easy, and it’s a great way to get more out of content that has already performed well organically on your profile. However, boosting might not always be a great fit for your advertising goals. Before you boost, make sure that the post has a defined call to action and that the post directly aligns with your company.

You Should Focus Only on Followers

This is a Facebook advertising myth that is easy to fall into, as many businesses think that more followers will automatically equal more sales. In reality, the right followers and fans are worth far more than ones you might get through a generic campaign designed merely to get likes. Organic reach isn’t always easy, but a combination of organic reach and paid posts designed to find quality followers will naturally increase your engagement over time. Facebook advertising isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

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