Staying grounded is a key component for success for businesses in virtually any field. It’s no secret that the past year and a half have presented a new set of challenges in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’ve struggled to approach new encounters with a calm and balanced mindset, you certainly are not alone. Luckily, there are many things we can do to shift our outlook and stay centered as we start approaching the end of the year.

4 Tips to Help You Stay Grounded

Practice Self Compassion

When others are dealing with difficult situations, we do what we can to help and express sympathy for them. It’s worth offering yourself that same sympathy when negative events come your own way. People have a tendency to resort to negative self-talk in difficult times, but we must stay disciplined and avoid slipping down that slope. Making normal mistakes is part of life and sometimes we can benefit from stepping in and attempting to quiet our inner critic.

Regain Focus with Laughter

If you find it difficult to relax or keep focus in your work life or personal life, you may find that trying to add a little more laughter into daily life will offer some relief. When we laugh, our bodies take in more oxygen, increase endorphin count in our brain, and our muscles slightly relax. These positive effects can all contribute to helping us stay grounded.

 Find an Outlet

If an overwhelming amount of daily stress is keeping you from feeling grounded, it may be worth immersing yourself in an outlet. Whether you choose a form of physical exercise, art, or even gardening, outlets can provide a revitalizing break that you may have not even known you needed. 

Eliminate Unneeded Distractions

As professionals, we deal with a lot of responsibilities and new information day after day. When so much information is always coming at us, it’s only natural to start to feel increased stress. As that stress ramps up, our efficiency decreases. Take the time to consciously reduce your daily notifications to cut out filler and strictly include those that help drive you and your business forward.

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