The My Admin Co team does a lot of data entry, invoice customization, and spreadsheet clean up each day. Our goal is to complete these tasks efficiently and accurately, and we’ve discovered several keyboard commands that make the job that much easier! You may not already be familiar with these keyboard commands, so we’ve decided to compile a list of our favorites in an effort to make your time in front of the screen a little easier.

5 Underused Keyboard Commands

Delete and Entire Word Rather Than Pressing Backspace Repeatedly

If you realize you’ve spelled a word incorrectly by a character or two, you most likely get a blank slate by either highlighting the word and deleting it, or pressing backspace one character at a time. Save time with this keyboard command and clear the word directly to the left of your cursor:

  • PC: Control + Backspace
  • Mac: Option + Backspace

Select Text Quickly

Do you ever struggle to precisely highlight text out of a large body? It can be quite cumbersome, but we have a few tips to help with that. For starters, consider these few methods:

  • Double click a single word to highlight it
  • Triple click any word in a paragraph to highlight the entire paragraph

You can try out both methods above right on this blog post. For more specific selections, try out these commands for fine tuning:

  • PC: Control + Shift + Arrow Key
  • Mac: Option + Shift + Arrow Key

Multitask With Ease

When your workload piles up, you may find that you multitask with several windows and applications simultaneously. After opening so many windows, it can be tricky to switch back and forth constantly. This command will allow you to effortlessly switch back and forth between active windows without touching the mouse at all:

  • PC: Alt + Tab
  • Mac: Command + Tab

Locate Text Instantly

This keyboard command is actually well known, but it’s such a gamechanger that we’ve decided to include it anyway, just in case you haven’t discovered it yet! If you are looking for a specific word in a large body of text, or a single item in a long list, simply search for it using this command:

  • PC: Control + F
  • Mac: Command + F

Fun Bonus Tip! 😃

Sometimes words simply can’t illustrate the full message we are trying to convey. Luckily, emojis exist to fill in the gaps and add a dash of fun to our text. Try out these commands to easily access the emoji library on your laptop or desktop:

PC: Windows Key + Period

Mac: Control + Command + Spacebar

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