It is incredibly important to recognize the power of print marketing in the modern marketplace. While it can be viewed as something from the past, print marketing is still an effective, affordable way to vocalize your business and bring new customers forward. Materials like business cards, letterheads, envelopes, event flyers, stickers and magnets, event tickets, and brochures are all valuable tools for making your business known.

It All Comes Down to Trust

According to Finances Online, 82% of consumers still trust print ads over any other format. When they hold something tangible in their hands, your audience can feel the time and effort you have put into your business. They find this form of communication honest, straightforward and most of all, memorable. With print marketing, consumers can engage with the material on a deeper level and fully absorb the message your business is conveying. Also, you can put print materials directly in the hands of your targeted audience: for example, a restaurant menu can be delivered to local offices where employees are looking for new places to eat on their lunch breaks.

Print Marketing Reaches All Ages

You might think that print marketing won’t reach younger generations who are more accustomed to digital formats and especially social media, but this isn’t the case. 95% of people under the age of 25 still like to buy and read print magazines. Young people typically give their attention to a multitude of formats, but they return to print materials for the same reason they always have: it’s an interactive experience, something they can touch and feel. Have you ever flipped through a magazine and peeled back a perfume ad to take in the scent? It may seem like a small thing, but the most minute details can make a large impact. Using our senses to interact with ads can even alter our moods. It’s moments like these that can offer readers of all ages something digital marketing can’t—a somatic, real-world sensation.

Consumers Spend More Time with Print Materials

Print readers usually spend twenty minutes or more with print marketing materials, whereas digital readers only stay for under five minutes. Online, there is a constant barrage of information that is accessible to viewers at every hour of the day; so many things are competing for consumers’ attention that they often have to parcel their time to be able to read and engage with all the topics they are interested in. Print marketing is a more individualized experience. If someone is holding three flyers in their hands, they can only take in one at a time. This provides them with more focus and more time to spend with your business. The more time people spend with your print marketing materials, the more they are likely to remember your business; they may even hold onto those materials and hang them on their fridge, place them in a cabinet for future reference, or share them with people in their community. Ultimately, print marketing is a highly beneficial tool for growing your business.

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