Running a business and staying on top of daily operations is a full-time task. When phone calls start taking time away from other tasks on your plate, it can be difficult to stay on track and accomplish everything on your to-do list. The silver lining here is that a constantly ringing phone is naturally a good thing. It’s simply a signal that your business has reached the point where it’s time to scale up communications to meet increasing demand.

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

Virtual receptionists are remote receptionists that are trained and equipped to perform all the tasks of onsite receptionists. Here are a few of the game changing benefits hiring virtual receptionists offers small businesses.

Upselling Opportunities

Even though they aren’t trained salespeople, virtual receptionists can still contribute to funneling sales and generating new leads. The best receptionists take the time to become familiar with their client’s policies, services, products, and prices to best serve customers who are seeking a recommendation. Virtual receptionists are no different in this regard, and will approach each day prepared to direct your customers.

Excellent Customer Service

As your business scales up in size, you’ll want to stay true to your roots by continuing to offer a customer first experience. Quality virtual receptionists recognize this, and make an effort to adapt to a company’s culture in an effort to give customers the experience they have come to expect. If a customer expected the owner to answer their call, a virtual receptionist can serve as a bridge to set up a meeting time instead of simply directing the caller to leave a message and wait for a callback.

Reduce Stress

While many business owners are perfectly capable of handling all the inquiries of their callers, a magnitude of calls (or missed calls) can pile up throughout the week and lead to a lot of lost time for other important tasks. You can only spin so many plates as an entrepreneur, and a virtual receptionis can help you give your undivided attention to the current task at hand. Critically, virtual receptionists can also recognize genuinely important calls that you should be notified of right away.

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