When considering branding, many small businesses focus on visuals like fonts, colors, and logo design choices. While these are important factors that shape your brand, it’s important to keep your brand voice in mind as well. What is brand voice, and how can you make sure yours compliments your business?

What is Brand Voice?

Brand voice is the personality that a business exhibits throughout all of its communications. It is a conscious choice to take on certain traits, phrases, and stylistic choices while actively avoiding others. Once you have selected the ideal brand voice for your business, you should make an effort to keep it consistent across your social media profiles, newsletters, advertisements, and even internal communications. That way, you can stick out from the noise with a unique, relatable, and memorable brand personality. As you go about shaping your own brand voice, lets cover a few ideas you can use as a guide.

3 Tips for Developing Your Brand Voice

Create a Brand Guide

Many businesses have created visual branding guides to narrow down all the visual components of their brand. We’d argue that a brand voice guide is just as important, especially if you’ve outsourced any of your marketing to third party businesses. When creating a brand voice guide, here are the main factors to keep in mind:

  • Mission statement
  • Core values
  • Personality traits
  • Common phrases/ slogans
  • Tone

Consider Your Brand as a Whole

As you assess whether any changes need to be made to your brand’s voice, we recommend viewing your branding from a high level to ensure it aligns across all components. To avoid a disconnect in your tone, consider the following ideas:

  • Ensure your logo is an accurate reflection of your brand’s tone.
  • Ensure your social media content is relevant to your industry and matches your tone.
  • Create a matching voice throughout all of your marketing efforts.
  • Considering working with a third-party content creator? Make sure they have experience creating quality content that fits with your voice.

Review Your Brand Voice Periodically

You shouldn’t select a brand voice and never revisit it again. After major visual branding changes or redesigns, we recommend auditing your brand voice as well to ensure it is still fresh and engaging. To confirm you aren’t committing to a voice that has become stale to your audience, you should audit your brand’s voice at least once per year.

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