While some believe print marketing materials are out of fashion, they are still proven to be effective. In research completed by Finances Online in 2021, 92% of 18 to 23-year-olds still say they prefer reading print over digital content, and 82% of consumers say they trust print ads the most. In addition to procuring materials like business cards and brochures, one tried and true method for promoting your business is using flyers. Flyers aren’t overly expensive and you can print a large number of them to use in a variety of ways. 

4 Ways to Use Flyers for Your Promotional Needs

1. Advertise Your Events. If your business is hosting an event, flyers can be a great way to start a word-of-mouth conversation. Potential customers will take immediate interest in an event that is entertaining and also caters to their needs; why not use flyers, and make your business event the talk of the town? Flyers are cost-effective and they provide something your customers can touch and hold on to. This way, they won’t forget your event and they may pass it on to friends and family members. 

2. Create Awareness by Posting Locally. You can post your flyers in any number of places: coffee shops, office buildings, college campuses, grocery stores and even mailboxes! Posting flyers is one of the best ways to gain quick, on-the-ground awareness of your brand. Think about your audience, the kind of products and services you offer, and where your target customers might go to socialize. You can even try collaborating with other similar small businesses and ask them if you can post your flyers there; in turn, offer to post some of theirs. Before long, everyone nearby will know about your business and start seeking  it out. 

3. Stand Out from the Crowd. Utilizing big, bold letters and plenty of color will help your business stand out from the rest. At times, flyers can be easy to disregard, and you don’t want potential customers to toss your print marketing materials aside before they have a chance to see what your business has to offer. Strategize ways you can use your flyers to grab readers instantly. Use fonts that are easy to read, for example, and keep it to the point: what are you trying to convey? Being loud yet succinct will make your flyers a success. This way, people will spend time with the material and register your business as a place of interest. 

4. Consider Adding Special Offers. While straightforward informational flyers and event flyers will surely bolster your business, it might be a good idea to give your promotional material something special. There’s nothing customers love more than saving money when they can, especially new customers who may be hesitant to try a new business they are unfamiliar with. Try incorporating coupons and special or limited-time offers on your flyers to entice potential customers; you may be surprised by how quickly it will boost your business and bring people to your door!

Using Flyers With Help from My Print Co 

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