Love it or hate it, video meetings won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Video meetings have opened up a whole world of business possibility, allowing remote workers and clients alike the chance to get to know the teams with which they’re working. Unfortunately, video meetings can be less impactful if you’re doing these four things.

You’re Leaving Your Camera Off

When you’re participating in a video meeting it can be tempting to leave the camera off, but it’s a huge mistake. What separates a video meeting from a conference call is the ability to see each other and make connections. Facial expressions, the way you gesture while speaking, these are all key ways to get across emotion and character that are lost out on when your video is off. If you are in a meeting where there are many participants and you won’t be speaking personally, it is fair to turn off your camera after the introductions so that you will not be a distraction. However, make sure you are not turning your camera off as a means to stop paying attention, and always turn it back on when speaking. 

You’re Not Making Enough Eye Contact

It can be easy to focus on distractions and other things around you while on a video call, but make sure that when you’re speaking or in small groups that you’re trying to maintain eye-contact. Not only does it look bad on you if it seems that you’re not paying attention, but if its clear you’re distracted others on the call may stop paying attention as well.

You’re Not Considering Your Background

It can be difficult to find an ideal place to have a video conference if you’re working remote without a designated office space. Fortunately, making sure your background isn’t a distraction isn’t too tricky. Find a quiet space where you have good lighting and make use of Zoom and Team’s background filters. Both platforms allow you to either block out the background with a fake office, or (preferable) just a blurred filter that makes you the focus.

You’re Muting Yourself Too Much or Not Enough

We’ve all seen the jokes about dogs barking, kids yelling, or worse in the background of video meetings. All of these extra distractions can be avoided by two simple things, using a headset with a microphone and making good use of your mute button. When you are not actively speaking, the best practice is to mute yourself. Just remember to un-mute when it’s your turn to pitch in.

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